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SCITOO, headquartered in California, has dozens of molecular companies in China, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia and other places. The company has a complete product supply chain and warehouse management system. For more than ten years, SCITOO, whose business scope dealing covers auto parts, electronics and peripheral products, has been focusing on cross-border e-commerce, intensively cultivation on eBay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Alibaba and other cross-border e-commerce platforms with dozens of categories, including household items . Up to now, SCITOO has become one of the most competitive cross-border e-commerce complexin in South China, and is determined to become the leader of steam distributors!


SCITOO corporate core values  

Corporate mission:

Take high quality auto parts to everywhere of the world

Corporate vision:

Auto parts e-commerce leader

Corporate core values:

Talent oriented, integrity and pragmatic,innovative and efficient, altruistic and all-win

  • Business scope
    Business scope

    For more than ten years, The company has been focusing on cross-border e-commerce, and intensively working on eBay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, Alibaba and other cross-border e-commerce platforms. The products cover dozens of categories, including auto parts, electronics and peripheral products, and household items, including hundreds of thousands of products.

  • Product category
    Product category

    Export: Our products cover 16 categories, more than 200,000 SKU, mobile phones and accessories, remote control models, cameras and photographic equipment, outdoor sports, audio and video, home garden, beauty care, instrumentation, automobile and motorcycle accessories, security lighting, etc.

    Import: It is the national distributor of 44 international brands and has thousands of SKUs. Importing food, daily chemicals, maternal and child, home, etc.

  • IT innovation
    IT innovation

    The IT department of the company independently researches and develops the ERP, which the self-built process can respond to multiple complex business models, creates a big data intelligence analysis system. Through the combination of Internet thinking, modular management, big data technology and other technical methods, the ERP of SCITOO can effectively analyze and judge commodities, and scientifically create an imported BBC and M station distribution system in advance.

  • Supply chain advantage
    Supply chain advantage

    Six prominent advantages of supply chain integration: multi-category, product integration, fast frequency, internet-based supply chain management system, with a wide range of sales platforms (PC terminal, mobile terminal) and a large number of sales outlets. Self-built ERP system, high degree of supply chain informatization. Company cross-border e-commerce ERP system.

  • Own brand
    Own brand

    SCITOO has been become a premium in the field of cross-border e-commerce industry in China, it's leading our own brand and other brands.

  • Company Environment
    • Company logo
      Company logo
    • The company at the front desk
      The company at the front desk
    • Office area
      Office area
    • Corporate league building activities
      Corporate league building activities
    • Best overseas storage experience award in 2018
      Best overseas storage experience award in 2018
    • Company logo
      Company logo
    • Numerous overseas warehouses
      Numerous overseas warehouses
    • The company at the front desk
      The company at the front desk

    2008.12.1    Established the first branch in Shenzhen, GuangDong

    2009.9.1      Self-built first warehouse in New Jersey, USA

    2010.1.8      Established the second branch in Shenzhen, GuangDong 

    2011.7.1      Established the third branch in Shenzhen, GuangDong 

    2011.9.26    Established the fourth branch in Shenzhen, GuangDong

    2012.11.2    Established the fifth branch in Shenzhen, GuangDong 

    2014.6.6      Established the sixth branch in Shenzhen, GuangDong

    2016.8         Established European Warehouse Center in Karlsruhe, Germany

    2016.10.31  Established the 7th branch in Shenzhen, GuangDong

    2017.6.6      Participated in the 2017 eBay Seller Summit and won the Elite of the Year Award

    2017.6.13    Established the eighth branch in Shenzhen, GuangDong

    2018.3.2      Established the 9th branch in Shenzhen, GuangDong

    2018.3.24    Officially registered the 10th branch in Hong Kong

    2018.6.6      Participate in the 2018 eBay Seller Summit and win the annual elite award

    2018.6         Established 3 branches in Hong Kong and Qingdao

    2018.7.16    Open the strategic responsibility performance compensation project, officially put the listing on the agenda

    2018.7         Self-built second warehouse in California, covering an area of 20W

    2018.7         Established a customer service center in Changsha, Hunan

    2018.7         Established a business school within the company

    2019.1-3     Established 10 branches in Shenzhen, GuangDong

    2019.5.7      Established officially the 24th branch in Changsha, Hunan

    2019.6.5      Won the Best Overseas Storage Experience Award of 2018

    2019.6.13    Established second office space officially in Shenzhen, GuangDong

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