Shenzhen new fusion byd E network opening ceremony held

    On June 16, 2019, shenzhen new fusion byd e-net 4S store opened in best auto city, longgang, shenzhen. Leaders of manufacturers, guests and car owners, partners of automobile, finance, banking, insurance and many mainstream media in shenzhen attended the event. Shenzhen new fusion byd e network 4S shop will also show more car show today, the event site also held a wonderful lion dance performance and the first car owners hand over the ceremony, the scene was full of people.

    Based on e platform integration and standardization technology, e1 has the advantages of safety, maturity and reliability. Byd e platform integrates the core parts system, minimizes the energy consumption of the system, reduces the size of the hardware, and improves the performance of the product. While differentiating itself from other electric vehicle technology platforms, the technology is more advanced. The e platform solves a series of 'pain points' in battery life, performance, cost, charging and other aspects of pure electric vehicles, achieves the seemingly contradictory product demands of 'lower cost' and 'better performance', and realizes consumers' expectation of 'higher quality and lower price' of pure electric vehicles. E1, which was born on platform e, has the maximum power of 45kW and the maximum torque of 110N·m. The power battery energy reaches 34kW/h, the maximum speed is 102km/h, and the acceleration time of 0-50km /h only needs 5.9 seconds. E1 redefines the level of pure electric vehicle energy consumption: as low as 5 cents per kilometer.

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