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SCITOO, headquartered in California, has dozens of molecular companies in China, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia and other places. The company has a complete product supply chain and warehouse management system. For more than ten years, SCITOO, whose business scope dealing covers a...
about scitoo
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  • British director Paruis
    UK branch
    British director Paruis
    We have a unique value proposition in the UK market, which is high quality products, affordable prices, and fast delivery.     Furniture, outdoor and gardening supplies, the momentum of development is very strong.
  • Head of Germany Gulun
    German branch
    Head of Germany Gulun
    I joined scitoo in 2015. The germans are very picky about products, and the laws and regulations in Germany are also very strict.
  • Miqi He
    Changsha, China
    Miqi He
    SCITOO has been become China's cross-border e-commerce industry pioneers and leaders own brand + other brands for 14 years, the company has innovative ability to highlight dozens of own brands
  • Tony Gong
    Shenzhen headquarters
    Tony Gong
    Up to now, SCITOO has become the largest cross-border e-commerce complex in South China, and is determined to become the leader of steam distributors!
  • Australia Mayji
    Australia branch
    Australia Mayji
    SCITOO has built a warehouse in Australia and is growing fast, not only because of the high quality products and excellent service it provides, but also because of its ability to inject new vitality into the team and open to new ideas.
  • Los Angeles - Chris
    United States - Los Angeles
    Los Angeles - Chris
    Our team gradually develops the market with its beautiful and durable products and reasonable price, and occupies a place in the e-commerce industry. I am proud to be a member of this team.
  • Chicago - Doram
    United States - Chicago
    Chicago - Doram
    We are one of three warehouses in the United States. On average, our U.S. company processes more than 100,000 proprietary products a month, and our highly effective teams do a great job.
  • Jerry Tao
    United States - New York
    Jerry Tao
    In the United States, a diverse country, there are the best quality service and the fastest transportation, but also experience comfortable and satisfactory service.
01 - 06 2020
The 2nd China International Import Expo is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. The Chinese government f...
01 - 06 2020
Represented by Mr. S, chairman of the board of directors of the company, the company formally signed the Atlanta warehouse, the third overseas warehouse in the United States, referred to as the southe...
07 - 09 2019
On June 16, 2019, shenzhen new fusion byd e-net 4S store opened in best auto city, longgang, shenzhen. Leaders of manufacturers, guests and car owners, partners of automobile, finance, banking, insura...
01 - 06 2020
In order to implement the 'talent-oriented' corporate values, implement the 'horse racing is not as good as horse racing' corporate talent concept, the company conducts management...
07 - 09 2019
China's ministry of industry and information technology (miit) issued 5G official commercial licenses to four companies, including China telecom, China mobile, China unicom and China radio and tel...
07 - 09 2019
Simply put, overseas warehousing is to move your warehouse to foreign countries, so that you can achieve local distribution of products, greatly shorten the delivery time and improve customer shopping...
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